25 MS-13 members arrested for assault, drug trafficking in California

Fresno, CA — Twenty-five MS-13 gang members have been arrested in Mendota and Los Angeles for assault and drug trafficking.

The gang members were arrested on federal and state charges in connection with their gang activities, including assault with a dangerous weapon and drug trafficking.

Two federal indictments were also unsealed Friday that showed two MS-13 gang members charged with kidnapping and murder, and three MS-13 members charged with conspiracy and assault with a deadly weapon.

The arrests come after reports of MS-13 establishing a presence in Fresno County, located in Central California between Los Angeles County and Sacramento.

The investigation centered around Mendota, a town 35 miles outside of Fresno.

MS-13 is a transnational street gang blamed for dozens of deaths on Long Island, with at least 25 bodies found since January 2016 in the area.