Woman finds son’s lost baseball glove at thrift store — 40 years later and 1,100 miles away

WILLOUGHBY, Ohio -- A boy's lost baseball glove is found over a thousand miles away and 40 years after it disappeared.

The story begins four decades ago at Todd Field in Willoughby. Then-12-year-old Christopher Lisi was playing in a championship tournament, according to WJW.

"He says he remembers they took pictures and everything and he must have left his mitt at the ballpark at Todd Field in Willoughby," said Julie Anne Lisi, Christopher’s mother.

Christopher went back the next day in search of his mitt.

"We never really knew that he had lost it. He didn't share it with us,” Julie Anne said.

Christopher's mitt may not be unique, but it's one of a kind.

"I always put my kids’ names on the inside and outside of the glove,” Julie Anne said.

On Wednesday, Julie Anne paid a visit to a thrift store in Jupiter, Fla, about 1,100 miles away from Willoughby.

What she discovered is priceless.

"I made a tour around the shelves and everything just to see if I could find some treasures and on the bottom shelf sticking out was his name," Julie Anne said. "My legs got shaky and wobbly and my husband thought I was in trouble."

The missing glove had been found -- and the Lisis got it back for $1.49.

"To see your son’s name on a glove from miles away after 40 years, I just can't believe it," Christopher’s father Michael said.

Christopher is now a football coach at Thomas Worthington High School near Columbus. He saw the glove for the first time on Wednesday.

"I took a picture of it and sent it to him right away when I found it and his words were, ‘Buy it,’” Julie Anne said.

That glove is now headed to a Lisi trophy case where it will be the talk of the family for years to come.