The PIX11 Morning News is LIVE from Orchard Beach from 6-9 a.m. on Friday

ORCHARD BEACH, BX — This Friday, we’re taking the PIX11 Morning Show on the road to zipcode 10464 and celebrating the Orchard Beach and City Island communities of the North Bronx.

City Island is a local beach town situated in the Bronx near Pelham Bay. At the beginning of the 20th century, City Island was known for crafting and building wooden ships. The island was once home to the first major boat builder, David Carll Shipyard. Throughout time, City Island has even produced seven America’s Cup-winning yachts, one of the biggest prizes in boating.

Today, the maritime community is fueled by their local businesses, seafood restaurants, and tri-state visitors coming to see ‘The Shining Star of Da Bronx.’

Join us as we celebrate these Northern Bronx neighborhoods on the PIX11 Morning News:

BREAKING IN THE BRONX: Bronx legend B-Boy Nemesis breaks down breaking in the borough.

PERFECT PICNIC: Labor Day is known as the last hurrah for sun and beach lovers. Next time you`re hitting the sand, keep these picnic tips and tricks in mind.

HOMETOWN HEROES: Bronx twins known as "Team Assassin" make music, clothing and a web series. They talk about where they find the time and inspiration.

NOM, NOM, NOM: From busboy to owner, we talk to Joe Mandarino, who runs City Island Lobster House. He shows off some best eats, and how to crack open a lobster.

BEST PUERTO RICAN FOOD: Look no further than Orchard Beach for some of the best Puerto Rican food in the city.

JACK'S BAIT AND TACKLE: Established in 1945, Jack’s Bait & Tackle is dedicated to providing the best fishing equipment and live bait to locals. Now, nearly 75 years later, Jack’s is one of the largest bait wholesalers on the east coast.

Video produced by Elle Spektor and Mike Lee

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