Popular cafe on UWS turns scaffolding into decorations

UPPER WEST SIDE — Cafe Lalo on the city’s west side is known for their delicious pastries... and now they’re known for something else—their scaffolding decor.

“At first it was like, it will boost up moral for our cafe, but if anything it’s helped even more,” said Jenny Contreras, who works at Cafe Lalo. “I’m going to be surprised if we have the same amount of business once it’s taken down, hopefully it stays up."

NYC is no stranger to construction and scaffolding—it hides doors to businesses, it can take away the beauty of the building and sometimes it can even be dangerous.

That’s why owners at the popular cafe—which made a cameo in the movie, "You’ve Got Mail,"—wanted to make theirs attractive.

“The scaffolding brought down the business but the owner had an idea to make it more presentable. Now customers are like wow it’s under construction but I want to go in now even more,” Contreras said.

The scaffolding at Cafe Lalo is now wrapped with purple flowers and has plants dangling from the metal poles.

According to workers at the tourist spot, customers love it, and say it should become the norm.

“They love it, they say it’s so gorgeous. Thank you for doing this,” Contreras added.

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