Farmers’ Almanac predicts ‘teeth-chattering’ cold this winter

NEW YORK -- There may be a heat wave across the East Coast this week, but the Farmers’ Almanac predicts this winter will be “teeth-chattering.”

The company’s 2019 outlook says the winter months will be colder than normal from the Continental Divide east through the Appalachians. It also said the “teeth-chattering” temperatures will appear in mid-February.

The Farmers' Almanac groups the U.S. intro seven zones, with New York, New Jersey and Connecticut falling into the Northeast and New England category. In our area, the winter is expected to be unusually cold, snowy and wet, but significant snowfall is also predicted nationwide.

The icy assessment suggests we could have a late spring. Most snowfall will happen in January and February, but if you are making spring break plans, the Farmers' Almanac says a powerful East Coast storm could happen March 20 – 23.

The Farmers’ Almanac, which has been offering forecasts since 1818, makes 16 months of weather predictions each issue. While technology may have advanced since then, they have been using roughly the same formula with little changes for 200 years.

According to the Farmers' Almanac's website, followers say forecasts are 80 to 85 percent accurate. The exact method remains a secret, but they do say no groundhogs are involved.

So next time you complain about how hot the weather is outside, just remember that winter is coming.

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