17th Hoboken water main break repaired as city heads to court against SUEZ

HOBOKEN, N.J. -- Crews have completed repairs on the 17th water main to burst in Hoboken this summer, restoring water to approximately 100 customers whose pressure diminished as SUEZ patched the pipes.

The break occurred on Hudson Street near the PATH train station Tuesday night. Then early Wednesday morning at about 1:45 a.m. another leak sprang up nearby that flooded the station.

About 3 to 4 inches of water covered the landing at the base of the steps down to the PATH train. Water was pumped out in time for the morning commute and service was not disrupted due to the main break, but businesses on Newark Avenue were forced to close.

Spa Diner's basement flooded, but they managed to reopen by mid-afternoon. A social security office was closed and so was a Starbucks.

Meanwhile, the city's mayor said they are headed to Hudson County Superior Court to file for SUEZ's internal documents.

“We’re doing everything within our power to make sure this does not happen because this is unacceptable," city spokesman Santiago Melli-Huber said.

SUEZ and the city held dueling news conferences on Tuesday at which they each pointed blame in the other's direction.

The mayor claims SUEZ has poorly managed Hoboken's water system and that a water meter construction project ongoing in south Hoboken has spurred a series of water main breaks. He declared an emergency in the city and has asked the state for assistance.

Meanwhile, SUEZ attests that the water utility has asked the city to invest in its aging water infrastructure for decades to no avail.

"We’ve submitted more than a dozen plans to upgrade this system," said Rich Henning, a senior vice president for SUEZ.

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