EXCLUSIVE: NYPD officers discuss life-saving efforts to save stabbed Bronx mom

ALLERTON, the Bronx — Four NYPD officers from the 49th precinct in the Bronx are credited with saving the life of a 24-year-old mom, bleeding profusely from stab wounds after a domestic dispute.

Officers Steven Yankowski and Justin Sokol were first on scene around 8:45 a.m. Monday at the apartment building on Allerton Avenue. The victim was bleeding from stab wounds to her chest and arm in one of the building's hallways.

"When I first got on the scene, I saw her, she was laying on the ground, several puddles of blood around her," said Sokol.

Without a tourniquet handy, the officers quickly found an alternative.

"I improvised," said Sokol. "I grabbed a t-shirt. I wrapped it around her armpit, pulled it tight."

Seconds later, Officers Tanya Acevedo and Steven D'Alisera came in for backup.

"I ran back down the stairs, sprinted to the car, grabbed my tourniquet, took it out of the packaging, set it up as I was running up the stairs, and I was able to hand it off to them and they were able to apply it," said D'Alisera.

Meanwhile, Officer Acevedo worked to keep the victim conscious.

"She kept going in and out," said Acevedo. "She was like, 'just get me to the hospital, just get me to the hospital.' I'm like, 'just stay with me, just stay with me. We're gonna get you there.'"

Officer Acevedo told the woman to fight for her children. She said the victim was conscious as she was placed in the ambulance and is now recovering.

The officers credit teamwork and good training with the outcome. "Without the four of us being there, the outcome could've been different," said Yankowski.

"It's the very thing, the reason why we all became cops," said Sokol. "So we can be that light at the end of the tunnel when people are in need."

On Monday night, Port Authority Police arrested 32-year-old Wilson Rojas of the Bronx at JFK Airport. Rojas is charged with attempted murder and burglary in the stabbing.

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