Brooklyn subway singer Mike Yung to headline national tour

BROWNSVILLE, Brooklyn — Mike Yung's time has finally come.

The 58-year-old has been singing in subway stations all over the city for more than 38 years. Yung now has an agent, a manager, an album and and is about to embark on a 22 city tour including an October 24 gig at the Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan.

He credits social media for his skyrocketing rise to fame after close to four decades of underground obscurity. His future manager saw him singing at the 23rd Street subway station, videotaped it, put it on Facebook and Twitter and got 40 million views in three days.

“The internet changed everything for me,” Yung told PIX11.

Life has been challenging for young. He grew up in Brownsville where he says he had many singing opportunities ripped away from him. He’s been stabbed nine times, jumped several more but singing in the subway has also led him to being scouted for America’s Got Talent where Simon Cowell called him “the real deal.”

Yung still sings in the subway every chance he gets because he says he has bills to pay. With the help of his brother Jamille and friend Tye Smalls, he is still trying to inspire everyone around him.

“Whatever your dream, believe and it can happen,” Yung told two young girls who listened to him sing on the subway.

Yung's next concert is September 14 and 15 at Thomasina’s Catering Hall in Queens. For information and tickets, call (718) 525-5273. Tickers are also available here.

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