Police called on 8-year-old girl walking dog by herself

WILMETTE, Ill. — The police were called on a mom in Illinois after she let her 8-year-old daughter walk their dog alone.

Corey Widen’s daughter, Dorothy, was walking the family dog when police received a call from someone saying they spotted a “5-year-old” walking a dog unsupervised, she told CNN affiliate WBBM.

Police arrived at Widen’s home and when they were told Dorothy was in fact 8, police said it was fine and left.

Not long after officers left her Wilmette home, Widen said the person who called the police then phoned the Department of Community and Family Services, which launched an investigation into Widen, a move she said is unnecessary.

“I think it’s a crazy waste of resources,” she told WBBM.

Widen hired an attorney and the case was resolved within two weeks, but the incident left her feeling “mom-shamed.”

“It turns your world upside down,” she said.

Following the incident, Widen said Dorothy “cried for an hour and now refuses to go outside with her dog,” she wrote on Facebook.

The single homeschooling mom told WBBM she is always there for her children.

“You can accuse me of a lot of things, but not supervising them is not one of them,” she said.

As for letting Dorothy walk the dog alone, Widen intends to let her child continue to do her chore and walk the family’s dog.

CNN contributed to this report.

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