How Monica is making it happen this week

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Nancy Arroyo Sara she needs emergency help for her mother, 87-year-old Rosie Arroyo, who lives in the East River Houses in Harlem. Arroyo’s sink keeps flooding her kitchen and no one seems to be able to fix it.

“It can flood in the middle of the night. I can’t sleep. I use this bucket, and carry the water from the kitchen to the bathroom,” Arroyo said.

A spokesperson for the New York City Housing Authority says they were looking into Arroyo’s complaints. Arroyo’s sink was fixed within days of the report.

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Thursday was the fifth day in a row of flooding, at the Morrisania Air Rights Building on Park Avenue. This time the flooding happened on the 18th floor in Jose Gomez’s home.

“It was like a tsunami,” said Gomez, about water gushing from a pipe in his living room.

A New York City Housing Aurhority spokesperson confirms Thursday on the 18 the floor, a pipe from another line, broke. Four pipes have burst in just five days.

“We inherited a hot mess in NYCHA. For this flooding to stop, over the last three days, we have to identify a source. The pipes are very old,” said Councilmember Vanessa Gibson of the Bronx.

There are 20 floors in the building. Families say there was a leak on the 20th floor Sunday, then a leak on the 17th floor on Monday, and then a leak on the 12th floor on Tuesday. Petra Francis, 106, says she was praying when water started to flood her home on the tenth floor.

“It was crazy,” said Francis. “You can’t have a soul or a heart and watch what’s happening and do nothing.

This is a turning point for NYCHA,” said Assemblyman Michael Blake of the Bronx.

A NYCHA spokesperson said, “We understand our residents’ frustration during this time and appreciate their patience as we work to resolve this issue and complete all necessary repairs. We must do better to provide all residents the safe, clean homes they deserve.”

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