2 injured after SUV jumps curb in Midtown

MIDTOWN, Manhattan -- Two people were injured when an SUV jumped the curb in Midtown Manhattan Wednesday evening, authorities said.

“It was a terrible crash and things went flying. I saw metal flying," witness Arlene Normyle said. "The girl was down on the ground."

Normyle said she was crossing the street as she heard the loud bang behind her. It was two vehicles, a black sedan and an SUV, that collided at East 31st Street and Third Avenue in Manhattan.

“It was smaller car that actually caused the problem. But the van did the extra turn and ran not the pole, kinda swerved into the pole and hit the garbage and the lady,” Dijon Devante said.

Police said the driver of the black sedan likely stopped short while traveling north along Third Avenue, causing the SUV to swerve and sideswipe the sedan before careening into a light pole and a metal garbage can at the corner.

Police said the garbage can then struck a 29-year-old woman walking at the corner, knocking her to the ground.

Witness cellphone video shows at least one other person, a passenger in the SUV, on the ground.

“We have to be very careful crossing in New York," Normyle said. "I was born and raised in this city and the drivers just do not pay attention. You have got to be on alert."

Police said the driver of the sedan and the driver of the SUV both were arrested and charged for having suspended licenses.

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