Former Yankee prospect arrested for threatening police online

FREEPORT, N.Y. -- Police arrested a former Yankees prospect for making terroristic threats against police online.

Leonel Vinas, 26, was signed by the Yankees at the age of 19, but released a year and a half later after an unsuccessful stint in a rookie league. He continues to mentor aspiring baseball players through a program on Long Island.

On Monday, an off-duty Freeport Police Officer found a Instagram post that read in part:

“...I am going to the Dominican Republic. First cop that stops me, is either getting shot, or getting hi-jack[ed].”

Vinas was arrested Monday at JFK Airport by Port Authority Police. Strangely, he posted a picture on Instagram posing with cop car at the airport just prior to his arrest.

He also posted other videos about gang life, one that said: “Going to the Bronx to burn everything that isn’t a Trinitario.”

It is a possible reference to the high profile killing of Junior. A dozen gang members are charged in that murder.

However, despite the gang references, Freeport Police do not believe Vinas was speaking on behalf of any group, just himself.