Woman left in limbo and footing the bill as she awaits replacements parts from Ford

Jackie Valente drove her new Ford Ecosport for just three days before the SUV’s front end was smashed in by a hit and run driver in a parking lot.

As if that’s not bad enough, she’s since been waiting almost three months to get the vehicle out of the auto body shop. It’s not the shop’s fault. Pete Sarra, the owner of AGS Autorama in Woodside, Queens, says in early June, he tried ordering the bumper, fender, and other parts needed to fix Valente's car. He was told the parts weren’t available.

“First they said three weeks, after July they said the beginning of August, now they tell me the end of August," Sarra said.

Why is it taking so long to get the parts? PIX11 asked that of a Ford rep in Detroit three weeks ago, but we’re still waiting for an answer. Sarra says perhaps it’s because the Ecosport is a brand new vehicle. He speculates that not enough replacement parts were manufactured before the vehicle went on sale in early 2018. He says in his 23 years in business, he’s never encountered a situation where parts weren’t available for three months.

To make matters worse, Ford is refusing to pay for a rental car for Jackie.

She sufferers from Multiple Sclerosis and is dependent on a car to get around. Her insurance policy with Geico has a one month limit for a rental car. After the 30 days passed, she called Ford Customer Service and asked the company to pick up the costs for the rental until her car was repaired. Jackie says after waiting six weeks for Ford to make a decision, the company rep told her it would not pay anything for the rental car. She says she told the rep that it’s the company’s fault she needs the rental.

“It’s not my fault that you don’t have the parts to fix the car. It’s your fault.” She says the rep responded, “No, it’s not our fault. You got hit. You got into the accident.” What a Shame!

Valente says the rep told her to drive the car the way it is until the parts come in. Sarra says that would be dangerous.

Immediately after PIX11 contacted a Ford public relations rep, Valente says she got a call from Ford saying the company would take a look at her rental car receipts after her car is fixed. She’s not confident she’ll get any money. Sarra says after our call, Ford told him the bumper and fender for the Ecosport were now available, but not the brackets and other parts her needs. We’ll keep you posted.

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