NY State Sen. James Sanders calls public housing water problems a crisis

The water quality in one Bronx woman's apartment is so bad that she won't drink it.

Kimberly Abrahms, who lives in the Sotomayor Houses, won't let her grandson drink the water either. She said she's disgusted every time she turns on the faucet.

“It’s brown water, she said. "I don’t know what’s in my water."

State Senator James Sanders from Queens believes it’s time for coordinated action between city, state and federal officials to look into the water of New York City public housing. “It’s a crisis. Water is life."

There are allegations that birds, rodents and even bugs are in the water tanks in public housing developments.

City Council Speaker Corey Johnson calling an emergency meeting in Chelsea this week to talk with bosses at NYCHA and the health department about the water and ask about families’ health concerns.

It was just last week PIX11 was fighting for the people of the Breevort Houses in Bed-Stuy. Thousands of people had no running water for weeks. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said a homeless man was sleeping on one of the water tanks.

A health department spokesperson tells PIX11 they are “...discussing with NYCHA and will provide guidance about water tank inspection requirements. ...we can work with them on improving paperwork...there has never been a sickness or outbreak traced back to a water tank.”

A NYCHA spokesperson says they are looking into Abrahm's complaints.

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