Downed trees, power outages following overnight storm on Long Island

LINDENHURST, N.Y. – Violent storms ripped through Long Island in the overnight hours, leaving damage and power outages in its wake.

Wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour were predicted, along with lightening strikes and even small hail.

“It was a monsoon,” Tom Decker told us on South 7th Avenue in Lindenhurst as he delivered the early morning papers.

“At first the light show started in the clouds, but then we were all going crazy with the trees down. It was real bad. Real bad!”

Ricky Price came outside to inspect the tree limb that narrowly missed his car as it came crashing down.
“It woke me up. All the lightening and thunder. At least I didn’t lose electricity!”
But nearly 1,000 PSE&G customers did. Including in Seaford, where PIX11News talked to the crew repairing a line struck by lightening.
“It hit the wire. Knocked out power. But we got it restores and we’ll move to the next call.”
The watches and warnings expired by 4 a.m. and the electric outages were halved to just over 450 within three hours.
Most unsettled weather is ahead for the weekend.