Junior’s mom challenges founder of foundation using dead son’s name

THE BRONX — The mother of 15-year-old Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz challenged the founder of the Justice for Junior’s Foundation, during a live interview on PIX11's Facebook page, telling him emphatically “before I sign any papers with him, I need MY lawyer. I don’t give you permission yet.”

Brother Khalil Abdul Muhammad was a bit on the defensive, and he had put out a press release Monday morning, stating he would attend a community rally protesting the reopening of the bodega where Junior was killed June 20th.

He said he would also “release official statements regarding false allegations and defamation alleged by a corrupt group posing as City Council authorized spokespersons and entities led by a convicted felon.”

Last week, PIX11’s Jay Dow reported Junior’s parents had concerns about foundations cropping up to raise money in their son’s name.

When we asked Brother Muhammad if his Foundation had used a “Donate Now” button on PayPal that was later deactivated, he brushed aside the question and said he would address any concerns at a press conference.

“There are numerous foundations,” Brother Muhammad told PIX11, “but I assure you that my foundation is not the scam Foundation.”

“We’ve done nothing wrong,” Muhammad insisted. “Everything we’ve done is because we love Mom, we love Dad, we love Junior.”

Junior’s mother replied, “I haven’t seen any documents from Khalil. If everything is in legal order, I’ll be able to do something.”

See the full "Mary Murphy Files" show below:

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