How to keep your family safe during food recalls

NEW YORK — Registered dietitian, nutritionist and disease prevention specialist Felicia Stoler, sat down with PIX11 to inform families about how they can stay safe during food recalls.

McDonald's, Trader Joe's and Walgreens are some of the biggest food retailers experiencing food outbreaks in summer 2018. Food recalls are nothing new, however, there seems to be a growing number of foods contaminated with listeria, salmonella and parasites.

Stoler said that there are actions people can take to avoid foodborne illness.

How to prevent foodborne illness:

  • Try to buy bagged lettuce that is labeled triple-washed
  • Avoid cross-contamination
  • Take probiotics and prebiotic fiber regularly to make sure GI track is in line

Individuals who are at-risk:

  • Immune suppressed individuals
  • Anyone taking antacid, acid reducer or blockers
  • Users of proton pump inhibitors

Recent food recalls:

For more dietary information, check out Stoler's book, "Living Skinny Fat Genes."

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