Neighbors rescue toddler dangling from fourth floor window of Queens building

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SUNNYSIDE, Queens —  A 2-year old boy in Sunnyside now has a second chance at life thanks to some quick-thinking neighbors who spotted him dangling out of fourth-floor apartment window Saturday evening, according to neighbors.

Sonia Ramirez who lives on the first floor and jumped into action when she saw Prabis.

“I never thought that I would do something like that, put this tiny arm to save that 49-pound, 2-year old baby,” she told PIX11 Sunday. “When I saw the baby I said very strong ' stop! Stop it!' He stopped crawling. Then he fell on my arm and after that fell on the ground.”

Little Prabis was taken to the hospital. While he is in some pain, he is expected to be ok, according to his family.

According to his older sister, their mother was in the kitchen and she was in another room when her little brother climbed out the window without anyone knowing.

It was the first time he ever did it, according to the family, and he got out through the only window in the apartment that didn’t have a window guard.

“He was playing and he opened the window,” said the toddler’s sister who didn’t want to be identified. “I was really shocked and worried and scared.”

As baby Prabis recovers, Ramirez, who is also a mother, is being called a hero.

“I feel happy I was able to save a life,” she said.

According to police, no charges have been filed against the boy’s mother.

NYC health code requires all windows to have guards where children 10 and under are living. It’s unclear why there wasn’t a guard on that window the toddler climbed out of.

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