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‘Traumatized all over again’: Woman distraught over city’s $3.9M settlement with her attacker

Posted: 8:47 PM, Aug 02, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-02 20:50:25-04

A 51-year-old mother of two has been reliving a nightmare since the city awarded the man who brutally robbed her at gunpoint a multi-million dollar settlement.

PIX11 is concealing her identity because she's still afraid, years after the 2010 attack. She was walking to the Morris Park train station in the Bronx when Jahmal Lightfoot approached her from behind and robbed her.

Lightfoot was arrested and, while at Rikers, was beaten by several correction officers. Five guards were convicted on assault charges and Lightfoot wont a $3.9 million settlement from the city.

His victim believes the settlement is an injustice.

"I'm afraid everyday and I didn't bring that upon myself. He brought that upon me," she said. "For him to walk away with that settlement, that was just another slap in the face."

She's still brought to tears when she recalls what happened.

"I heard the sound of a gun cock," she said. "He shoved me to the ground and I didn't even know that I was screaming until I heard him say 'shut the f up.' He kept saying it over and over."

They struggled and Lightfoot grabbed her purse. Lightfoot, a career criminal, pleaded guilty to robbery. He was beaten during a routine weapons search at Rikers while awaiting his sentence.

The officers and a captain involved were convicted and sent to prison for their role in the attack on Lightfoot.  Following their conviction, Lightfoot spoke to PIX11.

"Justice was definitely served and I thank God for that," he said in 2016.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams has put together a team of attorneys who will look into whether or not Lightfoot’s victim has any legal grounds.

"I would rather the city not award career criminals anything," she said.