Fit to be pregnant: fitness expert shares tips on how to stay fit when your expecting

NEW YORK — Just because a woman is expecting a child doesn't mean her fitness lifestyle needs to go on hold. Many moms-to-be focus on loosing weight and getting fit after they have a child, but according to fitness expert Sarina Jain, there's nothing wrong with working out during pregnancy.

Jain, creator of Masala Bhangra, is due in two months and not only is she teaching exercise classes, but also continuing with her personal fitness habits.

She shared some advice with PIX11 anchor Kala Rama.  On hand were PIX11's Marissa Torres and Cheddar TV's Jill Wagner.  Jain led all three expectant journalists through a workout designed specifically for pregnancy.

Sarina Jain's tips for staying fit and healthy while pregnant:
  • Listen to your body especially when pregnant.
  • Try to have a well-balanced diet
  • Exercising during pregnancy is very important. It makes you feel good about yourself and eases some pain you may experience.
  • Stay hydrated

Things NOT to do during pregnancy:

  • After the first trimester, avoid exercises lying down on your back. Always be at an incline.
  • Avoid any type of workout that may cause impact to the baby
  • Try to avoid exercising or walking in the heat
  • This is not the time to hire a trainer. Ease into the basics of exercise.
To learn more about her classes, check out her website.