‘Raging grannies’ head to Texas ICE detention center to protest immigration policies

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NEW YORK -- With their bags packed, a caravan of grandmothers gathered in Union Square Tuesday and headed to Texas to protest the Trump administration's immigration policies and its practice of separating families.

Calling themselves Grannies Respond, the group joined together for a common cause. Most do not know one another and met face to face for the first time on Tuesday. They plan to demonstrate outside ICE detention centers in Texas.

“It's like a horror show. I really can't believe in the name of our government these things are happening,” Marjorie Horowitz said.

Rachna Daryanani said children shouldn't be punished for the decisions of their caregivers.

“What have children done? They don't know anything. They only know to follow their parents. Why are they being punished?” she said.

It's a six-day, 2,000 mile road trip.

The group has planned stops in Reading, Penn., Pittsburgh, Louisville Kentucky, Montgomery, Alabama, New Orleans and Houston before their final stop at detention centers in McAllen, Texas.

Ann Schaetzel, of Brooklyn, said she remembered being a 17-yearold in Washington, D.C., at the National Mall witnessing Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech. It's why she said she could never stand in the sidelines this time

“What really matters is people see this as an example of, if frail old ladies can do this, why can't ?" she said.

The group of grandmothers are working with Lawyer Moms of America, a grassroots organization connecting detained families with legal services.

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