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NYC won’t get millions to fight opioid epidemic that it was promised: Schumer

Posted: 5:14 AM, Jul 30, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-30 05:14:14-04

MANHATTAN — Sen. Chuck Schumer said Sunday night that millions of dollars that were supposed to go to big cities like New York to fight the opioid epidemic will not be sent.

The Democratic Minority Leader said last year he added $350 million to the omnibus budget expressly for the Centers for Disease Control to give funding to states and large metropolitan areas like New York City, Philadelphia and Houston. Schumer said all of a sudden, and without a reason given, cities will not now be eligible for the money.

“Even more galling, New York City had already allocated this money,” Schumer said. “The CDC already said we’re going to send you this money.”

NYC had planned on using the federal dollars for several programs including one where FDNY paramedics leave behind the overdose reversing drug naloxone at homes with a history of drug abuse issue.

Schumer warns that this decision, which he will fight, will adversely affect the entire state.

“Because when the city doesn’t get this money, the state has less money to go around,” he said. “New York City will have to now fight for state money, and that’ll hurt Long Island, hurt Westchester and frankly the whole state.”

A spokesman for the CDC could not be reached late Sunday. PIX 11 will update this report with a response if it is received.