Thunder, lightening, heavy downpours pummels Staten Island

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STATEN ISLAND - It was a wild Friday evening in Staten Island as the borough was pounded by thunder, lightening and heavy downpours.

The PIX11 crew found flooding and downed trees and power lines in numerous neighborhoods.

“The tree just fell down on the car busted the back window,” said Beatrice Hardin.

The Annadale resident described the terrifying moments and tells PIX11 what went through her mind as she sat in her car.

“I’m going to die cause it just kept coming down. I didn’t know if anything else was going to fall on me,” said Hardin.

Incredibly, Hardin escaped without a scratch but the 2005 Lexus sedan didn’t fare so well. It was partially crushed by a tree and it’s back window shattered.
She had driven her 80-year- old mother’s car over to the Jefferson Ave. Station of the Staten Island Railway to pick up relatives after train service was suspended due to the rain.

“When the train was pulling up, my husband said looks like there’s a tree on my mother’s car,” said Joyce Nicholson, Beatrice’s sister-in-law. “When we came down, she was standing here crying waiting for us, the cops had gotten her out of the car very quickly.”

Firefighters also arrived quickly to help remove some of the debris off the vehicle.

Just about a mile away, homeowner George Menduina was dealing with downed trees and live wires on his property.

“Powerlines are coming down these are all high-voltage lines in there still energized,” said Menduina.

He pointed out a wire on a heavy limb that was flaring with smoke emitting from it.

“You can see the powerline is starting to burn through that tree so now the top of the streets going to be compromised.”

Menduina had received an emergency call from his family. He rushed home to find this a tree in his bedroom. This 100-year-old oak tree had been uprooted.

When we spoke with him he was waiting for Con Edison to turn off the power before things got worse.

“My biggest concern here right now is who’s in most jeopardy,” said Menduina. “As you can see that wire is getting embedded in the tree and that’s going to go in my house.”

Even with all the damage, Menduina tells us what’s most important.

“Thank God no one’s been hurt we’re all safe.”

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