How Monica’s making it happen this week

NEW YORK – Families who live at the Brevoort Houses–13 buildings, 894 apartments, close to 2,000 residents–say they haven’t had running water in days.

Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams said seniors have been filling buckets with garden hoses just to bathe.

“It should not take public pressure to increase the goddamn water pressure. I have to call out one station but channel 11. You have been doing your thing, staying on this issue,” Adams said.

Adams said a homeless person was found sleeping in one of the water tanks.

“He would rather sleep in the tank than live in a NYCHA apartment,” Adams said.

Adams said the Brevoort Houses senior center has no air conditioning but is supposed to be a cooling center.

“I’ll give them the 1,200 to fix the air conditioning,” Adams said.

A spokesperson for the New York City Housing Authority said, “The disruption of service Wednesday night was quickly addressed, with water service being restored Thursday afternoon and permanent repairs will be completed today.”

Meanwhile, families at the Andrew Jackson Houses in the Bronx said they have major power problems.

Resident Antanette Rivera-Robinson is expecting triplets. She said her pregnancy has been extra difficult because her building doesn’t have consistent power.

“I have to do 15 flights of stairs, carrying triplets and the elevators are not working. Sometimes I just sit in my car," she said.

Others are calling for a substantial response.

“These NYCHA generators are a temporary fix that’s not working. We need a permanent fix,” said Daniel Barber, president of the citywide council of presidents and a lifelong resident of the Jackson Houses.

Assemblyman Michael Blake has stepped in to help the residents of the seven buildings of the Jackson Houses.

A spokesperson for Con Edison told PIX11 News to reach out to NYCHA.

A spokesperson for NYCHA said,  “Due to the extreme heat in the City over the last couple of weeks, the power equipment at Jackson Houses has overheated several times, requiring NYCHA to make emergency repairs and move to generator power.”

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