New Midtown spa offers IV drips, cryotherapy and CBD products

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MIDTOWN — Colorful IV drips? Cryotherapy facials? CBD-infused lattes? Those are just some of the menu items offered at Clean Market, a new spa and retail store that opened this month on 54th St. and Second Avenue.

“Clean Market is really the first place in New York that’s a one stop shop for food, supplements and services that you can find all under one roof,” said creator Lily Kunin.

Kunin, a health coach and chef behind the cookbook “Good Clean Food,” says her own experience with migraines and vertigo forced her to change her eating habits and live a healthy lifestyle.

After moving back to New York City from Los Angeles in January, she saw a need for what she calls a “smart wellness” space. Services fall under either “sweat” or “chill."

On the “sweat” side, clients can book a 30 or 60 minute session at one of the store’s four infrared saunas.

“An infrared sauna heats your body, so it causes your cells to vibrate which promotes a deeper detox,” explains Kunin.

If you want to chill out, book a cryotherapy session or a cryo facial. Sessions last two to three minutes, with temperatures reaching minus 166 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Cryotherapy is amazing for reducing inflammation,” says Kunin, “It’s great for muscle recovery [and] athletic performance. It boosts energy and can promote better and more restful sleep.”

Clean Market also offers IV drips and booster shots. As for the cafe, popular ingredients include Moon Juice and CBD, a chemical found in cannabis.

“We see that a lot of customers are coming in looking for CBD, and they are already familiar with it, or if they are not it’s something they are interested in trying,” said Kunin.

The high-end experiences have high prices. Sauna sessions begin at $45, and a regular 2-minute Cyro treatment is $75. The standard NutriCLEANSE drip costs $249.

Clean Market is currently operating under soft open hours, but there will be a grand opening in September. Fore more information about prices, products and services, visit Clean Market’s website.

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