Howard cleans up washing machine bill

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STATEN ISLAND -- Ana Siragusa couldn’t get JCPenney to fix an obvious problem.

The Staten Island resident was being double billed for a washing machine -- $565 and change kept appearing twice on her bills. She complained to them for months and each time it was a similar response.

“They said, 'OK, we’re gonna have to do an investigation. You’re gonna have to wait 60 days,''" she said.

It started when Siragusa had to get a new Penney charge card with a new number. She was shocked to see a charge for $565.45 appear twice. Apparently, it was carried over from her old card and also appeared on her new card.

After so much time spent getting nowhere, Siragusa emailed Help Me Howard. We contacted JCPenney. Our contact understood what was going on and Penney got in touch with Synchrony Bank, the company that handles charge card finances for Penney.

“After I spoke to Help Me Howard ... I got a phone call … from somebody at Synchrony Bank and they told me … within a week – not 60 days – everything should be settled," Siragusa said.

And it was.

We thank JCPenney for getting on this after we contacted them. We asked Synchrony Bank for a substantive explanation of what happened here. We’re still waiting for that answer.

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