Young guitarist from Long Island preps for 5-city tour

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MERRICK, Long Island — Ben Goldsmith said he used to always listen to rock music because of his mom and dad, and if you ask Goldsmith’s parents, they'll say their son’s love for music was very obvious early on.

"Probably when he was about 18 months, he would just react magnetically to hearing Stevie Wonder," Aaron Goldsmith said.

They started him out on the violin, but it wasn’t long before he was begging to play the guitar.

"At 10, he started to then put out a lot more effort, mature as a musician and get really into playing," Goldsmith said.

Through his music training at a local School of Rock, he met up with two fellow musicians, Ben and James. The three formed their band Sons of Sound. Together, they play both classics and their own songs.

This summer, Ben was selected to go on the School of Rock All Stars Tour.

"They say less than one percent of the kids make it and he made it. We're super proud of him because he's so young," Ben's mom Ali Goldsmith said.

The tour takes him to Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and a few other cities before ending at Lollapalooza in Chicago. And while Ben is pumped to go, there’s no breaking up the Sons of Sound -- unless he fails to study for his Bar Mitzvah.

"We have a deal. All I need from him is 15 minutes a day, so that's been the rule in the house. So far, he's obliged," his mom said.

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