Woman doesn’t let cerebral palsy stop her CrossFit training

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SOUTH ST. LOUIS, MO — A St. Louis woman with cerebral palsy has gone viral on social media after she posted a video on Facebook of her CrossFit workout.

It is a moment that Tiffany Eickhoff calls a huge milestone. A video posted to Facebook shows her pulling a heavy tire several hundred feet across a parking lot. The National CrossFit Facebook page shared her video.

“I do burpees, I do back squats. My current pr is 117 pounds,” said Eickhoff.

She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was just 3-months-old but she has never let that stop her.

“Struggled a lot with strength, balance and walking,” said Eickhoff. “I always say I want to do everything everybody else does but I just may have to do it in a different way,” she said.

She and her trainers at CrossFit 314 in South County always push her past the limits of her disability.

“We do adapt a lot of things. I stand and do things. I sit and do things, sometimes we put a box behind me in case, I lost my balance,” said Eickhoff.

Since she started CrossFit training, Eickhoff says she’s stopped using her wheelchair.

She takes pleasure knowing her hard work is having an impact on others.

Eickhoff says she has several other goals for herself. One of them is competing in the CrossFit games someday. She says she also wants to become a motivational speaker.

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