Howard helps grieving mom

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Audrey Demas has gone through hell and she’s still living with grief. Her 27-year-old son, Greg, died from opioids last October.

“It’s so devastating it just takes you over! Kind of like a drug. The grief takes you over so completely," she said.

Greg had a great job in finance and was on his way until a hand injury got him into opioids. They tried an intervention, rehab and counseling. Greg was about to start a new job when he died.

Afterwards, amid her grief, his devastated mom had another problem. Greg had run up charges on a Capital One card.

“I saw a bill from Capitol One that I owed all this money, like 14-hundred some odd dollars. I know I didn’t use that credit card. I didn’t even know I had such a credit card," she said.

While other creditors understood and canceled outstanding debts, Capital One persisted. It came after her for just over $1,000.

Audrey felt the bank wasn’t listening. So, she emailed us. We contacted Capital One’s corporate headquarters. The company promised it would take a look. And a couple of days later the company got back to us with an email:

“We are sorry for Ms. Demas’s loss and send our sincere condolences to her and her family during this difficult time. We have reviewed the information in this case and have waived all charges in question in addition to fees and interest.”

Audrey is glad this is over and so are we. We thank Capital One for promptly taking care of this after we brought it to the attention of the right people.

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