Residents say they’ve had enough with K2 users in Bronx neighborhood

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THE BRONX — A Bronx street is a virtual zombie land with users overdosing on synthetic marijuana and the residents there are determined to put an end to it, they said at a march on Monday.

Lawmakers and concerned citizens marched down White Plains Road led by City Councilmember Andy King, who delivered a sobering message to bodega owners.

"If you're selling K2, we're going to shut you down," King said.

King proposed new legislation to hold not just business owners, but their landlords accountable if the business is caught selling K2. The bill would shutdown all stores found to be selling the drug, prohibit the same type of business from ever opening in the space again and fine landlords up to $100,000.

"The motto of the Bronx is 'Yield not to evil.' We will not yield to drugs, to statistics, to criminal activity," Pastor Pura de Jesus Coniglio said.

But Bronx bodega workers said cops already sniffed out all the bad businesses selling K2 in the neighborhood. Those left behind said Monday's rally unfairly lumps them in with drug dealers.

"You understand what I'm saying, we're running a legit business, why you want to shut us down?" a bodega manager on 216th Street who asked to be called only Billy said.

But residents said K2 is a big problem.

"I want them to stop," Ali Al-Hamidi said of the K2 users and dealers. "I call the cops every time I see somebody coming in here."

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