San Francisco bans tour buses from ‘Full House’ house

SAN FRANCISCO–Neighbors living near what could be considered a strong contender for the third most photographed home in the United States after the White House and “The Brady Bunch” house  — the San Francisco home used for exterior shots in the TV series “Full House” and spin-off “Fuller House” —  are hoping a new city measure banning commercial vehicles with nine or more seats from the street on which the home is located will curb the number of tourists making their way to the location.

Neighbors reportedly came to a meeting with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency earlier this week armed with a timelapse video that showed the congestion on the street, estimating that 1,000 to 1,500 people per day come through the area on busy days.

“Full House” creator Jeff Franklin, who purchased the home about two years ago for $4 million and allowed Warner Bros. to hold a press photo-op there ahead of the Season 2 premiere of “Fuller House,” was not at the meeting.

After the proposed measure passed, neighbors have called for additional policies to be put in place.

Unable to be reached for comment as they are fictional, it can only be assumed the Tanners would let young Stephanie speak for all parties in saying, “How rude.”