PIX11 Honors: Hempstead Bay Constables

HEMPSTEAD BAY, L.I. — PIX11 honors the Hempstead Bay Constables. Lisa Mateo interviewed Chief Sgt. Mike Brennan to find out more about what they do to protect New York waterways.

Meet the Hempstead Bay Constables: The Hempstead Bay Constables have 7 full-time members and 7 boats who provide assistance to boaters in distress and perform offshore rescues. They cover NYC all the way down to Oyster Bay.

Hempstead Bay Constables brand new rescue boat: The new rescue boat is one of the best on the market for patrolling the waterways. Brennan says that the boat is versatile because it can be utilized in the bay's shallow waters and in the ocean.

Hempstead Bay Constables rescue mission demonstration: The Hempstead Bay Constables show you how they perform a rescue mission when an individual has fallen into the water.