Hundreds gather in Times Square to protest President Trump

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TIMES SQUARE, Manhattan — Demonstrators descended on the Crossroads of the World Wednesday night, calling out President Trump over his views on Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

They shouted, “Hey hey ho ho Donald trump has got to go” in an already crowded Times Square. About 100 protestors gathered, many holding signs like “Traitor Trump” and “Dump Trump.”

“This has to stop. We haven’t had this problem with any other republican president. This is just totally outrageous we can’t have it,” said Susan Smith from Brooklyn.

“It’s clear that Donald Trump’s legitimacy is questioned, his allegiances are questioned and his failures to represent our government internationally is now apparent,” said Claudell Mattingly with the group “Patriotic and Progressive.”

They packed into the area by the red steps and the TKTS ticket booth.

Earlier this week after a summit with Vladimir Putin, President Trump, going against the U.S. intelligence community - seemed to downplay Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

He later walked back those comments saying he misspoke. But many here tonight say it’s too little too late.

“He failed to support our allies he failed to support NATO and has failed to represent the benefit of the American people in defending our democracy against Vladimir Putin and corrupt oligarchs in Russia and the United States,” said Mattingly.

Indeed, it appears the controversy is not going away. At a cabinet meeting today the President was once again asked by a reporter about Russian interference.

"Is Russia still targeting the U.S. Mr. President?"

President Trump answering "Thank you very much. No, no, no."

The White House later had to clarify the President’s comment.

"The President said 'thank you very much' and said no to answering questions,” said Sarah Sanders, White House Press Secretary.

Many protestors here tonight said they heard about this rally through social media and felt compelled to come out here. It got very loud at one point but the protest was peaceful.

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