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Required signage at NYC restaurants transformed into works of art

NEW YORK — New York is one of 12 states that are required by law to have proprietors of food service establishments display visible signage on how to respond to a choking incident on premises.

Owners of New York City restaurants must comply. Some, however, decided to go one step further and decided to remake those “drab” state-issued signs into works of art that reflect the decor and feel of their restaurants.

The East Village is chock full of them. Once forgettable, some establishments have made these mandatory signs a centerpiece.

Richard Ho, of Ho Foods NYC, is one of those owners who has a one of a kind sign that reflects his heritage and his adopted city.

“This was one of many things we have to post on our wall and if we have to look at it every day, we might as well make it something we want to look at," Ho said.

More and more of these informative, potentially life-saving, posters are popping up all over the city. They are hard to miss.