Funeral held for retired FDNY captain John Vigiano Sr.

DEER PARK, N.Y. — Family and friends bid farewell to John Vigiano Sr., retired FDNY captain who lost his two sons on 9/11.

Captain Vigiano is being laid to rest Saturday morning at Deer Park.  He died of cancer at the age of 79.

Vigiano and his wife, Jan, lost their two children, sons John and Joey, during the 9/11 attacks.

John had followed his father into the Fire Department, and Joey was a detective with the elite Emergency Services Unit. Both sons were killed in the collapse of the Twin Towers, which were brought down by jets piloted by terrorists that had slammed into Towers One and Two that Tuesday morning.

Captain Vigiano had first battled throat cancer way back in 1984, losing part of his neck tissue in the surgery. He remained with the FDNY until 1998, giving 36 years to the job. He served in Ladder 103, as a Lieutenant in Rescue 2, and then a Captain in Ladder Company 176.

Vigiano traveled around the world post-9/11, receiving the French Government’s highest honor as a representative for the FDNY.