‘Broadway Barks’ Benefit matches shelter animals with families

MANHATTAN -- It was raining cats and dogs on Broadway Saturday.

It’s the annual Broadway Barks fundraiser in Schubert Alley where the stars of Broadway mingle with stars of the dog and cat shelter world who are up for adoption.

Broadway has clearly gone to the dogs and a few gorgeous cat as well.

It’s the 20th annual Broadway Barks, matching New York shelter dogs and cats with families. Over 2000 animals have been placed in homes over the past 20 years.

One of them hoping for a forever home is Simmi, a three-year-old English bulldog from Long Island Bulldog Rescue, taking an ice cube bath while he waits for a family to adopt him.

These three girls are eagerly awaiting homes from the SPCA of Westchester: Lizzie and Meg are three month old golden retriever yellow lab mixes and then there is Annoe, a terrier mix and good old George, a pit bull lab mix who’s about 10.

And there are success stories as well from previous years, like Karen Frewert, who fell in love with this Maine Coon Norwegian forest mix named Mango.

This year’s second annual Mary Tyler Moore award goes to Barc Shelter of Williamsburg who’s been placing thousands of shelter cats and dogs for 30 years:

“Thirty years ago, the animal rights movement wasn’t what it is today,” Vinnie Spinola, co founder, Barc Shelter, told PIX11 News. “There wasn’t such awareness of overpopulation than there is today,” he added.

Emi Lotto, a Bide-A-Wee volunteer, was holding a barking chihuahua mix named Naomi. “This dog is a diva and will determine whose going to be her brother or sister and what home she goes to,” Lotto told PIX11.