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New organization connects seniors in need of help with neighbors in their community

Posted: 4:06 PM, Jul 13, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-13 16:06:10-04

Valley Stream, L.I.—For some homeowners, their little oasis can turn into a house filled with repairs as they get older.

And a job that’s as easy as changing a light bulb can become challenging.

"My husband, he's not really capable anymore of doing too much. He has quite a few health ailments and stuff," Umbrella member, Rosemary Radar said.

Enter Umbrella.

An organization that’s bringing communities together, by connecting those who need help with neighbors who can help them.

"We were inspired by an organization in upstate New York that's been operating for over 20 years," Umbrella co-founder, Lindsay Ullman, said.

Ullman, a Yale graduate, says she realized she could create something similar after watching her own grandfather age.

"He's 102. An inspiration to every person who knows him. He was delivering Meals on Wheels until his 90's," Ullman said.

So she left her job at Google to build her very own start up.

"The thing that i learned at Google is to set my ambitions high. And say my objective is to do something that matters for as many people as possible," Ullman reflected.

Sandy Murray used to install alarm systems before he retired.

He says he went through a thorough background check before Umbrella accepted him as a helper.

"I put in ACs a bunch of times with people. That's a big deal. Maybe your husband isn’t there anymore, people who used to help you," Murray said.

Benefiting both Sandy and people like Rosemary,  who want to stay in their homes just a bit longer.

"I'm sorry if I get emotional but it's out of happiness. A big weight has been lifted off my shoulders and my husband's," Radar said.

Umbrella first opened up in Brooklyn and Nassau County and is now expanding its cover to Suffolk County residents.

"You know you get one chance to do something that matters and make it count," Ullman said.

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