‘Got a kidney?’: Mom determined to find donor for daughter launches creative ad campaign

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MUSKEGON, Mich. – A Michigan mother is on a mission to save her daughter’s life.

Alyssa Clark, 22, needs a new kidney and her mom is now using the family's vehicles – as well as those of anyone else who is willing – to hopefully get the attention of her future donor.

As soon as the Clarks posted the transplant hotline number on their car, they say the offers started pouring in, with total strangers trying to help find a match.

"Prior to being sick, I was a student going to school for marketing," Alyssa Clark told WXMI.

Two years ago, Clark's life changed when she was told by her doctor that her kidneys were failing.

"I was like, 'Woah.' Out of nowhere, all of a sudden, I'm in the hospital for kidney failure and they say I have to start dialysis in a couple of weeks and I have to get a transplant and this will be the rest of my life," Clark said.

The wait in Michigan for a kidney is five to seven years. But Clark's family said a donor would allow her to have a normal life again, without the wait.

So her mom took out a marker and drew attention to a number that could speed up the process.

"I bought the paint markers and I did all of our cars and then I was like, 'OK, who's next? I'm coming over I'm doing your car.' And then from there, it really just kind of exploded," said Marge Nichols, Clark's mother.

And it has.

People from all over are telling the family they've called the transplant hotline. But Clark's match is still out there and they know it will be worth the wait.

"It's tough. It's hard. I would love to just fix it and get her healthy and well again," Nichols said. "But Alyssa deserves it. She's a good girl and she's got her whole life ahead of her and she really could use some help."

If you'd like to see if you're a match for donation, call the transplant hotline at 616-685-6068.

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