Sen. Chuck Schumer warns of damaged ‘hurricane cars’ being sold at car lots

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Flooded out cars are making their way to used car lots all over the country and Senator Chuck Schumer wants federal legislation to let buyers know if car they are about to buy is a vehicle that was under water during a hurricane.

"In 1985, Congress passed a law that said a used car has to have a sticker on it that shows you what it had gone through, it's history but guess what's missing? Hurricanes and that it was flooded," Schumer said Sunday

Last year's hurricane season was one of the worst on record; Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria caused billions of dollars in property damage. An estimated 60 thousand cars were submerged by flood waters. Many of those damaged cars have been fixed up on cheap and and are now in used car lots across the country, Schumer said.

"Sometimes they're not put together very well, and can lead to all kinds of problems," he said.

There could be rust on the inside or problems with the electrical systems, among other issues. Schumer says the Federal Trade Commission has put out warnings to consumers about the dangers of used cars from hurricanes, but he says a warning isn't enough. Car buyers should know the complete history of the vehicle they are going to purchase

"I'm calling on the FTC not just to issue hurricane warnings, but to require that every car that went through a flood be noted on the sticker, and how the car was fixed," he said.

Schumer says it's not difficult. The law already exists, it just needs to have the addition of hurricane damage.

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