Mobile trauma units to be rolled out to NYC neighborhoods impacted by violence

NEW YORK — Communities reeling after a violent murder will soon get help from the city.

New York City will be sending in mobile trauma unit equipped with counselors and peacekeepers. The new effort to help devastated communities was spearheaded by City Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson.

“A lot of young people are frustrated," she said. "They want to react and they don’t know how. They want to channel that anger some way.”

The city is investing $1.9 million to make the mobile crisis trauma units a reality. They’re expected to roll out in January of 2019.

“They would be filled with resources,it would be substantive," Gibson said. “We want young adults and families to be able to come to a location and feel safe. Feel there’s a sense of comfort. A sense of welcoming we’re here to help them."