Howard looks for shady awning company

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BROOKLYN — Janice Artope was trying to get a new awning on her Brooklyn home.

She heard about Right Way Co., signed a contract with them and gave the owner – a guy named Steve - $1,500. That was the last she saw of Steve and her money.

Janice checked out Steve online only after she signed the deal. She found he has an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau.
The contract gave Janice the right to cancel within three days. And she canceled the very first day. It didn’t help.

“So, I told him honor your contract. He says I’ll call you back. He didn’t call me back. Called him 3 times. He hung up the phone on me very rude.”

So, Janice got in touch with me and we went looking for Steve. We went to the two addresses that appeared on her contract. One was a fruit company operated by a Hasid who told me at least ten people had come by looking for Steve and the awning company. The other place turned out to be a wonton factory. Only in Brooklyn!

I got Steve on the phone. He said I’d have to call back and impolitely hung up. I left him a message explaining things and he did call me back. After going around with some nonsense about having to teach Janice a lesson (nice thing to say about a customer, by the way), he agreed to pay her back $300 a week until she’s reimbursed.

We’ll keep watching and see if Steve and Right Way awning does things the right way and lives up to his contract and his refund agreement.

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