How to travel on a budget during the summer

NEW YORK — Do you have a lot of vacation time, but not a lot of money to spend?

We have a few tips for you to travel on a budget.

It’s not too late, and there are still a bunch of last minute travel deals through the summer.

Karen Schaler, author of “Travel Therapy” and creator of has the best tips to get you the best bang for your buck.

How to find a good deal:

  • Off-season locations: Go off-season. For instance, Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Where the dollar is strong: Go where the dollar has a high value. For instance, Canada. The dollar is worth about 1.30 Canadian dollars. Mexico is also a good choice to get more money's worth.
  • Off the beaten path: If your friends don’t know where you’re going, that means you’re going to save. Countries with less tourists throughout the year enjoy visitors.

How to get there:

  • Use online sites as a guide, but book with airlines directly: If you come into any troubles, you can talk to the airlines without going through a third-party site.
  • Consider booking one-way tickets: Sometimes, it’s cheaper to book with multiple airlines, so you may want to book flights separately going to and from your destination.

When to book:

  • The ideal time to book a flight is after midnight until 5 a.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Don’t book on a holiday or after work hours.
  • Consider traveling on Tuesday or Wednesday: They tend to be cheaper travel days.
  • Consider red eye flights.