Passionate night of pet sitting turned out to be a positive

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QUEENS — Remember Ahmet Ozturk, the passionate pet sitter?

We did a couple of stories about his amorous antics about two years ago. Ozturk was hired to check up on a cat named "Meow Meow" in Queens while the animal’s owners were on vacation in Australia.

Ozturk had one visit from a lady friend and let’s just say, they got busy. Very busy.

But the apartment had a great security system. It took great video. And it alerted the owners who contacted a friend who came over to kick out the lovebirds.

When I went looking for Ozturk he surprised me by coming out and being honest, telling me he’d gotten carried away in the moment.

After we aired the story, it went around the world. It was on the front page of a Japanese newspaper and made headlines in China, Germany and elsewhere.

But a few months ago, we wondered, whatever became of Ozturk? What happened to him after the story? And he surprised me again by coming over to talk to me on Facebook Live.

Ozturk told me after the incident he went into a depression and felt embarrassed.

“In the beginning, it was very rough." Ozturk said. "I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep."

But after a few months he came out of it.

“You’ve just gotta let the confidence go," Ozturk said. "I’m the king of my, of my universe and this is my story.”

Howard: “So, you have to own it?”

Ozturk: “Yeah, you have to own it.”

The most surprising thing, Ozturk says he never heard a bad word from anyone despite his notoriety.

“I was getting messages from all over the country people I never had on my friends list from Germany to Japan," Ozturk said. "Everybody was like 'congratulations, you’re a hero!'”

Howard: “So by and large your experience was basically positive?”

Ozturk: “Yes. I never got a negative message.”

Now, Ozturk says, his pet sitting business is better than ever.

So, it looks like this is one of those stories with a Help Me Howard moral: don’t be a weasel, admit your mistakes and things can work out.

Except for one thing. Ozturk told me he never saw his lady friend again.

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