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Grandfather and grandson ‘graduate’ from Queens high school at the same time

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Fresh Meadows, QUEENS — Statistics and probability have been a big part of Bob Guthenberg’s life work.

While the probability that a grandfather would graduate with his grandson is pretty low, the Guthenbergs have defied that statistic.

Christian Guthenberg said it was a really interesting experience seeing his grandfather in school everyday. After 42 years of teaching math at St. Francis Prep High School in Queens, Mr. Guthenberg has retired.

"Mr. G has been with us for 42 years and he's always been a source of inspiration for our kids," principal Patrick McLaughlin said.

What makes his retirement even more sweet is the fact that he’s leaving the school at the same time his grandson, Christian, graduated from it.

"I drove him in the morning, so we would chat and, you know, I'd ask him questions. 'Do you have this?' 'What are you doing in this class?'" Guthenberg said.

All four of Guthenberg's kids went to the school.

"They all did very well. They all got a very good education. The second one was a little tough, but she's very determined. She got detention once and she was the most angry person I ever seen. I think one day in four years," Guthenberg said.

And they’ll still see each other every day when the younger Guthenberg starts St. John’s University in the fall.

Guthenberg said he'd still drive his grandson to school.

"Well, once in a while, if he's late," Guthenberg joked.

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