Howard helps mom in battle with Facebook

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CANARSIE, Brooklyn — Deslyn Anthony cries thinking about her son, Kester; he was gunned down on the streets of Canarsie on Easter Sunday evening last year.

He was shot twice in the head, apparently by someone he knew.  The family has heard it was a dispute over a slap boxing fight, but no one has ever been charged even though the family says the shooter’s identity is known on the street.

But the family says their wounds are still being ripped open on Facebook.  Every day.

Some guy from the neighborhood started shooting video of the murder scene.  He posted it on his Facebook page — and there it sits.  It’s already had more than 50,000 shares.

Deslyn Anthony and Kester’s sister Amanda want it removed.  The guy who shot it won’t do it and even had an off-color taunt for anyone who wants him to take it down.  Facebook hasn’t acted either.  So, they came to me.

I got in touch with people at Facebook to find out what their policy is and whether they can just get this awful video removed. They were understanding and moved quickly. Twenty-four hours later the videos were gone.

We thank Facebook. And Kester’s family is grateful this is over.

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