Mom holding baby jumps in front of subway train in the Bronx: police

NEW YORK — A mother jumped into front of a subway train while holding her baby in the Bronx Wednesday, just as another person was struck by a train in Brooklyn, authorities said.

The mother, whose name has not been released, was holding her 2-month-old son when she leapt in front of a southbound No. 4 train at the 149th St.-Grand Concourse station, police said.

Both of them suffered minor injuries and were taken to a hospital. It’s unknown if she will face charges, police said.

A representative for the Transit Workers Union at the scene said the conductor is traumatized and was taken to a hospital.

He said the train operators reported seeing the woman run down the platform then jump in front of the train.

Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, a person was struck by a train at the Cleveland Street station. Details about that incident have not been released.

Both incidents spurred service changes during the tail-end of the morning commute.

No J trains were running in either direction between Cypress Hills and Broadway Junction, the MTA said in a 9:45 a.m. update on its website. As an alternative, riders were told to take the Q56 bus making nearby station stops.

By 10:20 a.m., J train service was resuming with delays in both directions.

Southbound No. 4 trains had been running express from Burnside Avenue to 125th Street, bypassing 149th St.-Grand Concourse.

By 10:40 a.m., they were once again making stops at the 149th St.-Grand Concourse station, with train doors opening on the northbound side. Riders are told to wait on the northbound platform for southbound No. 4 train service.