Howard helps exterminator bugged by client

THE BRONX — Jonathan Cruz is an exterminator who is bugged by a client.

SoBRO, a large South Bronx non-profit, owes him about $30,000.

His company, Hi-Level Pest Services did the pest control work for a number of SoBro’s properties. He was used to letting the non-profit run up a bit of a tab, but things went too far.

“It was always a problem. But it got to be too much for us,” Cruz told me. He says when he went to SoBRO he was told they’d look into it. They may have, but this time it didn’t pay. Jonathan says that forced him to sever his ties with them.

So, when Jonathan contacted us, I took him over to SoBRO’s headquarters. The VP of Property Management, Deborah Johnson, basically blew us off. The President, Steve Brown, walked right by us. Fortunately, our photographer recognized him from a previous story. So, I briefed him on the problem. He said this was the first he’d heard of it but eventually asked Cruz to give him a week.

Steve Brown was true to his word. A week later, Cruz had $9,000. And next month SoBRO says he’ll have the rest. We’ll see.