All Toys ‘R’ Us locations to be closed by Friday

It’s the final countdown for Toys R Us; the iconic store will close all of its locations by Friday.

All 735 Toys R Us stores in America are set to close by the end of June leaving 33,000 workers without a job or severance pay. Many of the employees losing their jobs have worked for the company for decades. Toys R Us has been owned by the private-equity giant Bain Capital. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

There’s only a few days left to buy toys available at discounts. They’re up to 70 percent off and locations are also selling furniture and fixtures.

The chain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last fall, saddled with debt that hurt its attempts to compete.

It pledged then to stay open, but had weak sales during the critical holiday season. In January it announced plans to close about 180 stores.

On March 14, the company announced that it would shut or sell all of its 735 US stores.

The billionaire toymaker behind Bratz dolls and Little Tike had placed a $675 million bid for 200 of the remaining locations, but his bid was rejected.

You can find store locations near you here.