World famous violinist hits high notes in the classroom

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NEW YORK—You may not think you know Joshua Bell, but, you certainly know his music.

From movie soundtracks, to his Grammy-winning recordings, and directing the Academy of Saint Martin in the Fields.

"I grew up listening to so many of their records and made my first recording with them when I was 18 yrs old. And now here I am as the music director," Bell exclaimed.

The orchestra was created in 1958 , and, he is the only person to hold that post since its founder, Sir Neville Mariner.

"Not many ppl have seen a symphony being led from someone playing in the orchestra and it’s a whole diff experience," Bell said.

Playing at home in New York is just icing on the cake for this maestro.

"I'm very proud of this orchestra and I love to come as much as I can. And I love the New York philharmonic. I play every year and I'm on the board, and I love playing with the big orchestra. And New York is my home, my adopted home. The audiences, they know me now, and it's, just walking out on stage I feel like I've seen half the faces at one time or another, so I love coming to New York and Lincoln Center," Bell said.

But, Bell’s passion for music goes beyond the concert stage, and into the classroom, inspiring kids who may not get the chance to hit that perfect note.

"I mean, for me, my extracurricular activities outside of performing and practicing. When it comes to music, is reaching kids and younger kids and finding ways to reach them. But it all starts at schools, and so keeping music in school is very important to me. I'm involved in Education Through Music which has brought music programs into the Bronx and into some innercity schools that have absolutely nothing. And you should see the transformation. It's incredible," Bell added.

And, working to change the lives of these kids is something this musician always makes time to do.

"These kids, their attendance has gone way up, they have smiles on their faces when they proudly carry their instruments and they play together. It's very moving and its affected all aspects of their education," Bell said.

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