NYPD arrests 18 alleged gang members ‘dangerously obsessed with committing acts of violence’

BROOKLYN — Police busted more than a dozen alleged gang members behind multiple shootings and murders, officials said Thursday.

In one instance, an alleged gang member fired a gun inside a mall. (Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office)

The 18  members of the Martense-Beverly Bosses allegedly discussed shooting rivals as if they “were keeping score at a basketball game,” District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said. They used terms including scoreboard, ball kicks, air balls and bench warmers to discuss plans.

“But this is not a game,” Gonzalez said. “There is a trail of dead and injured victims.”

A few of those arrested are in their early 20s, but most of the alleged gang members are still in their teens.

Investigators believe the group arrested are behind two murders. In one instance, Gymanni Carrington, 17, allegedly fatally shot a man as he exited a Crown Heights deli. Harold Phillips, 19, allegedly shot a construction worker.

One member allegedly fired a gun inside Kings Plaza Mall.

“These gang members walked the streets of Brooklyn, guns in their hands, acting as though life and death is some kind of game,” Commissioner James O’Neill said. “New Yorkers are safer today because these criminals have been arrested and charged.

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